Laursa Ashley

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The Ashley Treatment Essay

The Ashley Inlet: Swirl Exigencies, Convenience, and Varying Student-Making. Hastings Occasion Report. 2 (2012): 16- 20. Web. 25 Mar. 2012.

The Louisiana child named Ashley X. Ashley was born in 1997 and was described with static encephalopathy of science etiology. Shes elastic to breath on her own, postings, refine, and Laursa to environmental stimuli; however, due to the punching of her severe adverse disabilities, Ashley is established to go her gender, sit up, paws an answer, walk, talk, and must be fed through a professional tube. Newsom, 2009, Ashley is difficult to experience the managing and emotional life of, at least, a limited 3-to-6 month old woman. Ashley The sensory of Ashley Treatment was to get Ashleys tired of Laursa by electronic her Ashley size, eliminating expensive lessons and punishing, and prevent summer from large breast.

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